Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Forbes Life Magazine Journalist Comments on Quito

Quito is wonderful, as we have stated many times. It is even great, when our travellers and visitors agree on this fact. Recently Lea Lane, Journalist from this well known magazine, commented on the 10 facts that make Quito a great place to visit (or "ten top reasons to visit Quito"). We are quoting them below:

1. "Stand in the middle of the world"
2. "The Dynamic Centro Historico"
3. "Quito's Yummy Cuisine"
4. "Lots of Artisans and Workshops"
5. "Museums, Theaters, Cultural Centers"
6. "Local Nightlife"
7. "A 'Tough' Train Tour now High-End"
8. "Shopping for Crafts"
9. "Paramo and the Cloud Forest"
10. "Hub to Other Special Places"

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