Friday, August 28, 2015

New Swing The Flight of the Condor at Baños

El Vuelo del Cóndor will certainly be the new highlight from Baños. You find it before reaching the Tree House where there is another swing, but not as exciting as this one. The Flight of the Condor has enough security (full body harness, helmets, and extra rope), to make you feel how the condors take off from their nest. It was a great experience this week, and I look forward to come back there and film the flight!

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Video and photos from Drone curtesy of: Joachim Sternal © 2015

Monday, August 24, 2015

How Public/Private Mass Oriented Bathrooms Should be in Ecuador

It was a great surprise to find that the bathrooms were finally ready at Quitsato Sundial by Guachalá, at the precise Equator Line in Cayambe.

The images speak for themselves: for men and children of every hight, and with precise "information" depicted on every wall about the "Coriolis Effect" and how to look at it while in the bathroom. I couldn't see the womens bathroom, buth "they are always right" anyways!. You must be there to live it!

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About the History of Cotopaxi's Eruptions

Great article written in spanish about Cotopaxi's eruptive history, by Amílcar Tapia Tamayo quoting the experiences of Sodiro and Wolf.

Here the links to the original and translated article from El Comercio:

Source: El Comercio "Especiales" link from August 22nd, 2015.
Photos by Surpass Travel 2015.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Cotopaxi in Eruption Again After 135 Years

The Cotopaxi Volcano finally erupted again after 135 years of beein asleep, since the last eruptive period from 1877 to 1880. It is an incredible event of the nature to see (from a safe distance), but it presents many challenges for the inhabitants of the area surrounding it.

South Quito is located aproximately 60 km north west from the volcano, and today, after the 4 main freatic exposions in which ash was expelled up to 8 km above the crater rim, some of that ash has been falling in the valleys surrounding Quito and in the main city too, not to say to the west and south west of the volcano. The flights towards Quito are cancelled for the momment, but we will keep you updated with this natural event.

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 View from Cumbaya to wards the Cotopaxi. Clearing up little by little.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Manta's IronMan 70.3 took palce in Ecuador last Sunday

Ecuador is becoming a great destination for adventure and sport events. Our topography and diversity of environments makes our country perfect also for triathlon. Manta, the main city of the Manabi province, and an important port for freight and passengers, was the place where the IronMan 70.3 (miles) took place. There were 1,500 people participating, including the best ecuadorian athletes.

See the original news in spanish at:

Black and white photo source and copyright: Ministerio del Interior, Policía Nacional

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Forbes Life Magazine Journalist Comments on Quito

Quito is wonderful, as we have stated many times. It is even great, when our travellers and visitors agree on this fact. Recently Lea Lane, Journalist from this well known magazine, commented on the 10 facts that make Quito a great place to visit (or "ten top reasons to visit Quito"). We are quoting them below:

1. "Stand in the middle of the world"
2. "The Dynamic Centro Historico"
3. "Quito's Yummy Cuisine"
4. "Lots of Artisans and Workshops"
5. "Museums, Theaters, Cultural Centers"
6. "Local Nightlife"
7. "A 'Tough' Train Tour now High-End"
8. "Shopping for Crafts"
9. "Paramo and the Cloud Forest"
10. "Hub to Other Special Places"

For the original article please visit:

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