Monday, February 2, 2015

Ecuador Towards Clean Energy

As a Tour Operator, we are concerned with what happens in Ecuador regarding its culture and nature. Ecuador has been designing and building in the last 4 year many hydro electric power plants to change the "energy matrix" towards one that is sustainable in time, and environmentally cleaner as other alternatives.

All this projects will have an effect on the river's ecosystems, damaging for sure a certain degree of the actual ecologycal balance, but in the long term the balance between this construction, and the reduction of emissions in the country, will be positive. 

It is impossible to have any type of energy without affecting the environment on a certain degree, and on the other hand nobody is willing to live less comfortably and consume less electricity, so we don't need to build this hydroelectric power plants. That is the path that all the emergying economies have to follow until they jump into the post modern world, where other more expensive and smaller alternatives, and with a smaller impact in the environment, are availiable. Ecuador is not the exception to the emerging countires.

The project Manduryacu is the first to be finished, of the 8 major hydro electrical plants that will supply electicity for Ecuador in the comming decades.

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Original Photo Source: El Comercio 2015.

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