Monday, July 7, 2014

Figatebird in Full Splendor: Trying to Catch a Female in the Galapagos

We saw in this trip perhaps one of the most spectacular displays of a strong color in the nature. We arrived to North Seymour Island at the Galapagos, and we did a 2 km hike along a path that took us very close to the biggest colonies of Frigatebirds of the archipiel. The mating season had already finished, but there were still many males displaying their inflated gular pouch.

They do it for several reasons. One of them is to impress the females that have to make a choice, and decide wich male is more suitable to feed their chicks for many months after they are born.

The other might be to "play" their war march. They hit their beaks against the pouch and make a drumm noice, and also an "applause" noice with the beaks, as if two thin wooden sticks were beeing hit against each other.

We saw also some fighting for the catch - made by other birds like Blue Footed Boobies or Pelicans - of the day, and also for a already-build nest that was occuppied by a displaying male.

We had a very knowledgable Galapagos guide that told us many interesting facts about the animals encountered at Seymour North, and that was for sure a nice last activity for our 12 day long tour at the enchanted islands.

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