Thursday, June 5, 2014

San Pablo Lake: soon surrounded by concrete

If you want to enjoy the scenary from this part of our country, you need to go high. Ecuador is a beautiful country, but it is hard to find spots near the Panamerican Highway, specially towards the north, that will not be blocked either by electricity or telephone wires, or many concrete blocks. There are view points, that are also obstructed by trees or nice green houses, but in any case, if you get out of the Panamerican Highway and head towards the hills, you might get a nice afternoon pic like this:

Ecuador has beautiful scenary, and usually good local guides are documenting what happens during their trips. If you are also a keen photographer, don't doubt to ask about the hobbies this person might be able to share with you during the trip.

Ecuador is changing also towards a frendlier way of building in many towns, to preserve some of the local colonial or the indigenous building style, so hopefully in the future you will find also nice houses near the highway!

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