Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tulipe: The Yumbos Enigma

Tulipe is already a well known archeological site in Ecuador, not just because of its interesting ceremonial structures, but also because of all what it meant for the development of our culture in different parts of our actual country.

The archeologists estimate a large settlement of people in this cloud forest area to the north-west of Quito, people that developed interesting cultural practices, such as trading, religion, ceremonies, agriculture, cult to the death, and maybe deep knowledge of the night sky.

They might have mooved out of the area with the arrival of the spanish conquistadores, and most securly, because of the most recent major volcanic eruption in the area: The 1660 A.D. (estimated) Pichincha Volcano eruption. This people might have mooved all the way across the interandean valley to the upper Napo river region, and setteled there escaping from the incapability of doing agriculture in their ash covered living area.

There is more to tell about them, and certainly plenty places related to the Yumbos, to visit in this area of Ecuador.

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