Friday, April 11, 2014

Mindo Chocolate: A New Satisfying Discovery

At least for me. I was not aware of the quality and great taste of the chocolate beeing done by Mr. Jose Meza at his chocolate factory. I was recently there with a group of people and we spend an interesting hour learning about the process that chocolatiers follow in order to pamper our palates with delicious chocolate / herbs / spices combinations.

The possibility to follow the process in situ was amazing, and went from a short historic explanation of the origins of the cocoa bean, to tasting a delicious brownie. The level of detail in such a small industry was impressive.

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Galapagos First Class: Coral I Cruise October 2014

As you might know, Galapagos is one of those places that are still pristine and isolated from the caos of the world we live in. Full with special fauna and flora, some of it only seen in the archipielago, it is a unique destination that is worth every efford you might make to get there.

If you are thinking on a great Galapagos trip, this information might be for you. We have spaces availiable on one of the finest First Class Cruise Ships from the archipielago, the Coral I. It is completely renovated and offers a great deal of comfort for you.

It has three types of cabin: Standard, Standard Plus and Junior Suite. It holds up to 36 passengers and we are sure that you will have that unforgettable trip you are looking for.

Combine it with an Ecuador mainland trip, and see active volcanos, snow covered mountains, or perhaps the amazon rainforest at the Yasuni National Park.

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