Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ecuador on The Spot: 18% more tourists in Jan-Feb 2014 period, than 2013

Ecuador is popular. The actual government is investing a considerable ammount of money in the national and international promotion of our country and it seems it is working out. This information was published by "El Ciudadano" official news paper from Ecuador, but the information source is actually the Tourism Ministry and Migration Office from the local customs officers.

Circa 218 K Europeans and half a milion northamericans came to Ecuador in 2013, and this numbers are increasing this year by an 18% at least, according to the information provided by the sources. National and international travellers are more than wellcome to any local workshop, like one of the bizcochos bakeries in Cayambe (see photo).

Also the national tourism has increased and in the last local holiday for Carnaval, it is estimated than circa a million ecuadorians travelled within the country during the four days. Our nature attractions are also eye openers for the ecuadorians, it helps them to realize that they live in a paradise.

As we also say, it is great to visit our own country, since we have it all: rainforest, andes, coast, and of course, the Galapagos Islands.

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