Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Del Alabado Museum in Quito Old Town

I have again a great feeling, as I am writing this blog entry, about this weekend excursion that we did early this month in Quito. We went with the children and grand mother to visit Museo Del Alabado, since I didn't have had the time to get in beyond the nice inner colonial patio during my multiple visits to the old town.

Normally, if the weather is good, we choose one or two of the religious colonial art icons from the city, as a museum indoor visit, and then mainly we see many other places that are not museums.

The exhibition, I must say, is outstanding, perhaps the best that I have seen in museums all over Ecuador. It looks still almost brand new, and the spaces are very well recovered and managed. The pieces exhibited there are simply breath taking, an incredible collection of the master work from almost all the pre-columbian cultures that populated what we call now Ecuador. Their Museum Guide is also a book worth having at home. It gives you a short-great prespective of what troubled the minds of this cultures, and why they left for us all these pices of art.

You can visit the museum link here: Museo Casa del Alabado, Quito - Ecuador. We strongly recommend a visit to the museum and hope that you like it as much as we did.

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