Wednesday, March 26, 2014

21st of March: Equinox in Ecuador by the Pre-Inca Cultures

I started to think about the comming Equinox, since I passed by the Quitsato Sundial just two days before the precise day. I thought also about how aware we are in general of the time of the year we are in, and I must say, that I regularily see the sun movements throughout the year in relation with the common things in my house, like objects and the edge of windows. For me is an excercise to see every day the Pichincha Volcano to the west, to look for the weather of the day, and therefore, to see the effect of the sun on the horizon.

This more or less same procedure was made by the pre-inca culture called Quitu-Cara, standing on an old sandy hill of volcanic origin called Catequilla, precisely located at the Equator Line. Maybe 1000 years of observation, to stablish where the middle was, and create all their culture and settlements using this same spot as the origin of everything, with mathematical precision.

As I was visiting the site, I came accross the last publication from Cristobal Cobo, director and founder of the project Quitsato, and this great 15-years-of-scientific-research publication has incredible information about the sun movement in relationship with the Quito-Cara Culture. Many thins still unknown for many ecuadorians and susceptible to be damaged in the name of progress.

If you want to read more about it visit the link from the Quitsato Project.

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