Friday, February 28, 2014

Tips from Galapagos: What to expect in the Archipiel During Carnaval

Lots of people! Carnaval is a great opportunity also for Ecuadorians to travel, so many people that already lives in Galapagos, in Puerto Ayora, might go for a short Carnaval vacation to Isabela island, and spend there the long weekend. Many services have a great demand, like the speed boats that transport people between islands, and also the ones that do navigable day excursions to isolated islands.

I must say that the weather is great, very sunny and hot, maybe a stron rainfall at some point of the day or night, but in general the best weather for the ocean lovers.

So, if you do your reservations with enough time, you will be able to have a great vacation during this time of the year at the enchanted islands. For your good luck the animmal world doesn't go on vacations! so you will see what you expect to find in Galapagos: lots of wild animmals, untamed and not shy at all.

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