Friday, February 28, 2014

Quito Like in the Old Times

For me are not so old. I will turn 40 soon, and I remembered just how cold and raini Quito could be, or was, and how rarely you see rain now a days. We are in the middle of the "highland winter" in our country and it resembles more of a constant summer with bits of water from time to time.

When I was 10 years old Quito didn't gave us a rain break between Jannuary and May. It was cold, cloudy, foggy and rainy - stormy. It didn't bother me that much back then, and I love that weather, since I love water. Now I must say, it is a bit tiring.

This year, already end of February, we have seen in the wole month perhaps 8 days of rain, and nothing else. In the valley to the east of Quito, only half of those raini days.

Well, of course, if you are planning to visit Quito, it will be a great opportunity for you, but if you love gardening, then it is a mess!

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