Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ecuadorian Rainforest at Night: other senses, other inhabitants

At the beginning of the night in the rainforest you have to use your other senses, the ones that are usually a second hand device for all city duellers like me, to percieve what surrounds you. After a couple days in the rainforest somehow you are more conected with the nature, our innerself remembers that we are also animmals, and that we can also smell, hear, and feel the nature. All of these because you can't see that much at night.

One of the highlights of beeing at night at the rainforest, specially near a lagoon, is the possibility to see at night caymans. You have to paddle very slowly, don't make any noise, and have your eyes wide open, to see in the distance the shining red-golden eyes of the caymans floating by the lagoon banks, waiting for a pray. The eyes shine when a strong spot light meets he eyes of a cayman or other annimals too.

There are also other inhabitatns at night, specially bigger mammals, because since they evolved to become what they are now, they still do what they learned to do as they shared the habitat with the dinosaurs: be active at night when nobody sees you!

So, if you travell to this part of the world, be sure to have your flashlight ready to help your eyes, and the ones from your local guides, to spot at down all what moves around you at night, you will be surprised of the ammount of activity you can hear, but not so easily see.

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