Friday, August 30, 2013

Dolphins on Route between the main land and La Plata Island: wildlife encounters in Ecuador

On one of those many boat rides between the town of Puerto Lopez and Isla de la Plata, we had the sudden visit of a herd of dolphins, that decided on that day that our boat was something fun to play with. I have heard from biologists that this strategy that amuses us helps the females and new borns to swim away from potential danger. This was probably the case, and many of the dolphins swam by the boat for about 10 minutes, and juped ahead of us with all their splendor.

This part of the ocean in front of Ecuador is also well known for its sharks that duell between the shore and the island. Our many square kilometers of marine reserve around Isla de la Plata and in front of the main land, is where sharks find usually enough food to keep humans as a last resource for their diet. We didn't trusted ourselves into the water this time, but we certailny kept great memories about this incredible encounter. We did afterwards snorkeling by the rocks on Isla de la Plata, a great place for that too.

Also, last year I also saw dolphins from the highest point of Bartholomew Island in Galapagos, a huge heard of dolphins passing by this island. They still amaze me and make me want to go in the water after them.

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