Monday, July 22, 2013

Guayaquil’s Wildlife: Not only monkeys!

This is an insider joke. The highlanders or "serranos" from Ecuador call the people from the coastal Guayas Province "monos" or monkeys, just because they dwell in the coast in tropical weather, they are a bit loud when they speak with each other as far as one kilometer away and they swing their arms as they walk in the streets of Guayaquil showing their newest clothing, towards a important meeting with a beautifull guayaquileña. That is briefly how life develops in the largest city of Ecuador.

But as I said, not only monkeys, but also tropical rainforest land Iguanas, yes, the green ones if you have encountered them before, in a place like the Seminario Park, also called Iguana Park. This is one of those bizarre attractions that a city has and you just don't know how these animals keep themselves whithin the borders of this green oasis in the middle of the touristic part of the city.

If you happen to be in Guayaquil, this is something you can't miss to see and experience. And don't forget: the Guayaquileños are very happy that the cows do not fly in Ecuador, or the green Iguanas, but nevertheless, do not stand below a branch of one of those big trees at the park, because the iguanas aim very well at the floor to do their small and big business!

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