Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vermilion Flycatcher: A contrasting red against the black lava of Galapagos

This bird is not very easy to spot; if you are lucky, perhaps you may see it if you are on Isabela Island,walking through the sometimes muddy paths towards the rim of the Sierra Negra Caldera, or as you are in the highlands of Santa Cruz, walking at the edge of the Gemelos Sink Holes . As alrady pointed out, they are not easy to spot now a day, due to many of the introduced animals that also compete with it, and hunt it. But if you happen to see one in one of the "fincas", then the locals say that you are a lucky person, and it is a good omen for the group you are with. Good omen or not, it stands out in the vast shades of gray from Galapagos and brings you over all joy when you see it.

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