Monday, July 15, 2013

Tungurahua Volcano: Ecuador's still Active Volcano after almost 13 years of activity.

Yes, for almost 14 years this half-awake giant has had quite a few eruptions; this volcano is a bit over 5.000 meters of altitude above sea level. I remember my first encounter with it in 1995, as I joined one of the Climbing Club expeditions to attempt reaching its summit. We were only four people; two stayed at the second refuge and only two of us continued all the way to the top. Although we were not fully equiped, no crampons, no ice axe, but only kiking steps in the snow, technically, we almost reached the summit, at 5.015 meters.

I came back on the late 1990's, exactly one month after it started its eruptive period, and during ten days, with a group of French vulcanologists, we tried to see the volcano erupting, but we could only hear it roar behind the mist. We spent several nights camping between 8 to 20 km away from the dome, and we could still feel the explosions below our feet. The French group left and two days later I saw one of the most spectacular things related to volcanos I had ever seen in my life: a clear night sky, the moon shining, massive explosions and lightning coming down from the crater with the vocanic ash-water, vapor plume.

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