Monday, July 22, 2013

The Amazon Basin: the origin of its waters

If you have ever been in the flat land of the Amazon Basin you will be astonished by its inmensity! Throughout the years, what has made this region of the world incredibly amazing for me, is the amount of water that you find in it.

Thousands of square kilometers covered by tropical rainforest, and whithin this green roof, thousands of small creeks, canyons, rivers, and lake systems, all of which converge in the major rivers of South America, especially the Amazon.

I remember that some years ago I was extremely shocked seeing in the local newspaper photographs of some large passenger ships stuck in the sandbanks from the lower Amazon River, due to an extreme draught that had also affected many of the Andean countries. It was an image from another world, another time, or maybe an omen for the future: draught without a turning point due to the deforestation of this region.

Can you picture in your head a 100 passenger ship stuck in a sandbank, with nothing but mud surrounding it, where one week before there were millions of cubic meters of water?

Well, I trust that in the near future we will be able to carry on with initiatives like this in Ecuador and Peru to be able to stop deforestation and, therefore, draught in the lower Amazon. Read more here about this conservation inniciative.

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