Friday, July 26, 2013

Sunset in Puerto Lopez: Beautiful view in this small fishermen town

The Ecuadorian coast is beautiful, many places in our sea shore have sandy beaches where you can enjoy the effects of the ultra violet rays of the sun, right at the equator, and also try tasty seafood, cocktails, night life, nature, water sports, or just relax on a nice hotel or resort. There is something for everybody.

There is, however, one thing to remember and that is to check with your local tour operator or travel agent, when is the perfect time of the year to be our country, according to your needs and expectations.

The equatorial coast can be extremely sunny and hot between the end of December and mid April - May. You can't sleep because of the heat. The ocean is calm although there are brief periods of heavy rain and high humidity. This coin, however, also has another side. Between the months of May and December, and especially during August, we have cold, cloudy weather, with almost no rain – only drizzle, wind, and very strong waves.

The area near Puerto Lopez offers many activity opportunities. In the Machalilla National Park you can visit the "La Plata" island with wale watching on the way (between June and August), and snorkeling and hiking in the island. You can also visit "Los Frailes" beach, a half moon shaped bay without any houses nearby. There are also the archeological remains of the Manteño culture at "Agua Blanca" community, where you get a good perspective of the pre-Inca settlements in Ecuador as well as life on the coastal countryside.

As you can see, you can't get bored in this part of the country. We will be happy to organize a great adventure or holiday for you. Visit us at:, specialized in-land tour operator from Ecuador.

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