Monday, July 15, 2013

Roses for Export: third major export product of Ecuador

Ecuador is proud to produce the best roses of the world and although we do not export large amounts, in relation with the size of our coutry, we do have the highest quality roses. The flower production industry is quite interesting, so, if you have a chance, we encourage you to visit a rose plantation.

Here you can see Maria Gloria chatting with a house guest about the roses and the family history.
At Hacienda La Compañia near the town of Cayambe, it is possible to visit the rose plantation, before or after enjoying an excellent meal at the old hacienda house. The farm house is fully decorated with 20th century furniture, but every room on the first floor has an exhibition of over 3000 beautiful roses in full bloom! Yes, 3000 and more.

María Gloria and / or Francisco, owners of the plantation, will gladly escort you in a tour of the facilities; it will be a pleasure for you to meet them and enjoy the visit of the property and the green houses that hold the secrets of this interesting industry of Ecuador.

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