Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Quitsato Sun Dial: a wider view of the equator at Ecuador

It is an iconic project, very simple, but to the point representing what the equator line means – or at least should mean - to the Ecuadorians. Cristobal Cobo, the project promotor, has dedicated more than ten years of his life to carry out archeological and cultural research, in relationship with the equator line.

Nowadays, new insights are given to the public about the importance of the relationship of the pre-inca inhabitants of our lands with the sun, and therefore, with the middle of the world. Don't expect here any folkloric experiments, rather, scientific and cultural information that can really give you a broader view of the meaning of the equator line. Most important and not to be forgotten, this place is the precise middle of the world!

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View of the Cayambe Volcano in the background.

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