Monday, July 15, 2013

Pasochoa Volcano Hike: See all the nature arround it or... nothing

Ecuador is well known for its variable weather. Sometimes, while hiking, you can see hundreds of kilometers away from the high peaks, and sometimes, it is hard to see the people in front of you. Pasochoa is not one of the exceptions, although it is located in the middle of the interandean valley.

This mountain is very accesissible, depending on the route you take. I have been many times on its summit, enjoying the sight of all the other volcanos that surround it on the western and eastern mountain ranges in Ecuador. It is also possible to spot from here some wild fauna, and with luck, an Andean Condor. The photograph below is a view from the Cotopaxi National Park plateau towards the Pasochoa summit on the right.

The Pasochoa caldron is spectacular, a massive opening towards the west where there is a primary mountain cloud forest that doesn't have access to the common visitor, and therefore is well preserved. If interested, and with the assistane of a guide who knows his way, you can hike all the peaks around the caldron, but you need to spend a good 12 hours of hiking.

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