Monday, July 15, 2013

Mountain Cloud Forest: patches in may unexpected places

If you have relatives, friends, or acquaintances in Ecuador, then they might know a person that knows somebody who is the friend of somebody else that happens to be the owner of a hacienda. If you can get in touch with this person, then you might be able to experience one of those unique places that can only be found by a river bank, or deep inside an Andean canyon, within the realms of the hacienda.

Not so long ago I had the chance to visit one of these places, a hidden mountain cloud forest mainly formed by a dominant native tree called Cholán. The forest seemed to have been untouched by humans over many many years, not even fishermen from local villages who usually come up the canyons in search of trout and adventure, and leave their foot prints and trash on the way.

Perhaps there are waterfalls, complicated passes, or simply no access through private land, that make it possible to people to reach this place, and in this case I must say, for the well being of nature, it should remain like this.

Getting into one of these forests is a life changing experience. Ecuador still has spots with these characteristics that are accessible for the general public and visitors. We know these places and we would like you to come. We will be happy to organize a great adventure or holiday for you. Visit us at:, specialized in-land tour operator from Ecuador.

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