Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mocking Birds from Galapagos: Incredible singing with the last rays of the sun

As you walk towards Tortuga Bay in the afternoon, one of the highlights from Puerto Ayora at Santa Cruz Island is hearing mocking birds singing one of their many tones, either to impress another female looking for a partner, or to clearly let any adversary know that somebody has claimed this reviere before. They are perched over an old opuntia Cactus, or a palo santo tree, observing and singing,

They are incredible imitators, gregarious as well, so if somebody from a clan has a problem with another individual, then a duel is established and the fighting starts. Blood can be spilled between rivals, and at the end, the representative of a specific a clan will earn new rigths as a winner, over the land from the other clan.

I have also seen mockingbirds fighting against the mirror of a car, hitting it with the wings, claws and beak, until blood drops are spotted on the glass. Yes, these are some facts about this interesting bird from Galapagos.

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