Friday, July 26, 2013

Los Frailes Beach: My favorite place on the Machalilla National Park in Ecuador

In 1997 I was in on in-situ visit to the ceramists from "La Pila and was able tovisit this place for the first time, together with a group of University students. Since I was taking an extra curricular course on Pre-Columbian Ceramics, we travelled to several places in the country to visit the local potteries.

We spent one night in a hostel and one night we camped in tents in the sandy beach of Los Frailes. I remember the full moon night, and the soothing sound of the waves crashing against the sea shore. At the time, it was possible to this, and the University students were especially alowed as they were carrying out doing research on some cultural issues.

Fortunately, the park is well managed, it has new infrastructure such as bathrooms, changing rooms. There are park guards, and police, and also an ocassional ice-cream vendor. You can enjoy the relaxed environment of this beach, and its pool - like ocean bay, but you must check on the local festivities, so you do not have to compete with a crowd of enthusiastic Ecuadorians trying to play football on the beach. Don't worry, I am an Ecuadorian, so I know well our outdoor entertainment practices!

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