Monday, July 29, 2013

Leon Dormido or Kicker Rock: Open water experience at Galapagos

I love the ocean, but I am not a water rat. I have respect for it and every time I jump into the water in Galapagos or elsewere, I have to calm myself and enjoy the ride. As a former high mountain guide, I am more used to having my feet over something, and therefore I feel to have a bit more control over the environment; however, once you are in the water the story is different.

For me it was a big challenge to swim across the channel that splits the remains of this old tuff cone in two, and more than anything, to know that below my body there might be different types of shark and marine life, for which I might be potential lunch or dinner!

This is what crosses the minds of many people - including me - while in the water, but it is only our head playing a bad trick on us. Galapagos is extremely safe and we always take all the necessary safety measures to minimize the risk. 

Once in the water you have to let yourself get carried by the current from one side of the channel to the other, where the boat awaits for you, and just enjoy the ride. As I reached the inner wall and swam next to it, I became more confident and decided to go under water: It was amazing what I saw stuck to the wall: corals, different size and color fishes and the silohuettes of "bigger fish" swimming below you. It is an incredible experience worth doing if you happen to land in San Cristobal.

Usually on this day tour you also visit Lobos Islet before Kiker Rock, to test your equipment and get used to the water, and another beach called Playa Ochoa after the rock, so you can enjoy on board a hearty meal, and most of all, relax and recover from the adventure, feeling the warmth of this beautiful sandy beach.

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To the left you will observe Playa Grande. Above, you will appreciate a snorkeling activity at Lobos Islet.

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