Monday, July 15, 2013

Inca Legacy in Ecuador: Ingapirca, a perspective of this intriguing culture

If you want to have your first dive into the Inca past, Ecuador is the best place to do so. We have scattered all over the country small and medium size fortresses and Inca settlements, that have been recovered for the tourists and locals who are willing to hear what the Incas had to tell us.

In the south of Ecuador you will find the Ingapirca fortress, the largest, well preserved sun worshiping or sun dial built in our land by the Incas. Cuenca, our most important southern highland city also has a large site at it’s its Archeological Park, however, the structures found there are not as impressive as those remaining in Ingapirca.
If you want to see in the past more than just stones, you need no only a lot of imagination but mainly useful factual information. As it happens in Peru, the accurate uses, history, practices, beliefs, etc. are merely speculation based on findings that make some things (burrial sites and religious practices), a bit more tangible, but regarding cosmovision, and precise uses of this and that structure on an archelogical site can´t be proved.

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