Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Galapagos White Tip Reef Shark: Seen in a natural aquarium at Isabela Island

If you are affraid of the dephts of the ocean, this way of experiencing the Galapagos wildlife is yours. If you happen to be in one of our tours in this famous archipelago, you will be possibly going to Isabela Island.

There, not far away from the main island sea shore, you will find the already well known "Tintoreras" Islet. It has a total surface of about two hectars and in one of its lava cracks, as you walk towards the sea lions colony, there is a 98% sure chance that you will see this incredible animals from above, even better than in an aquarium. Read more to join a trip that will take you to Galapagos and Isabela Island.

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