Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Haciendas from Ecuador: the old legacy of the colonial time

The old haciendas are the legacy of the colonial time, period during which raw materials or half finished products from our region were exported to Europe. The industrial revolution changed all that, and the wealth of the Spanish reign in the Americas came to an end. Some of the haciendas still in existence have been in the hands of the same families for centuries and at the present time, “farmers" are well inmersed in the business of exporting flowers, brocoli, and many other non-traditional agricultural products.

Ecuador has a considerable production of high quality milk products and this is due to the fact that cows pasture on rich open fields enabling them to produce good milk twice a day. Most of the foods we eat in Ecuador are produced in well managed haciendas and by small land owners. Other haciendas have opened their doors to tourists, giving us access to enjoy the feeling and luxury in some cases, of the old highland families of the 19th century.

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