Monday, July 22, 2013

Fresh Crab from the Mangrove forest: 10 hours journey to the highlands

One of the characteristics that make Ecuador very special and diverse in its size, is that it is possible to travel, within a short lapse of time to the Amazon Basin, or to a volcano glacier or to a place deep in a mangrove forest. This variety also allows a natural influence in our food, and makes it possible to receive, in the main cities, food products from all regions of our country.

It takes about one hour’s drive from Guayaquil, the main port city and economic pole from our Ecuador, to go to the mangrove forest whithin the Manglares Churute Reserve. There you can see how the local people dig between the roots of the mangrove trees to carefully pull out this delicacy of our country: Pangoras or Red Crab.

Also, if you travel a bit further in the water channels of this protected area you will find many sea shore bird species such as spoon bills, frigate birds, pelicans, herons, and more.

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