Monday, July 22, 2013

Every Day is a Day for Joy: Sea Lions at Galapagos, no wories at all

They are swimming, playing, sleeping, and keeping guard. It all depends on their size and time in life. Everywhere you look in Galapagos, on every island, there are sea lions enjoying what nature has given them, and what humans are trying to protect. They play with you if you happen to be in the water at the right time. If you turn your hands and make circles, as if you were dancing, and also move in circles "chasing" slowly one of them, or perhaps two of them, then they start doing the same, and you can have an endless chasing-comunication with them.

With the passing of time , as they grow older, the males, particularly, become grumpier and more dangerous, and then you have to run or swimm out of their path, or beach, if you see a big male, a "bull", protecting his reviere. They do have their grace and agility, but their days at this stage are counted.

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