Monday, July 15, 2013

Devil's Nose Train Ride: Going back in time with a great service

The rehabilitacion of the railroad system has undergone a long process until the Ecuadorian government decided to take action and use the trains, not as a means of transportation but rather, as a tourist attraction. Up to the year 2008, you had to get up early to be at the railroad station, especially in the city of Riobamba, to get on the train and enjoy a ride on the roof, which was to be an ultimate experience.

Many tourists loved it and that image was sold at the highlight of a visit to Ecuador. At the end of the first decade of the 2000s it was prohibited to ride on the roof due to safety reasons.

At the present time, the railroad system has been renewed in most sections, it offers comfort and safety and you can enjoy a great ride on any of the routes you decide to choose. Your ticket entitles you to enyoy a refreshment and a snack. Yes, an added value to your money!

It is important to make on time a reservation for tickets in any of the routes. It is possible to book for a longer ride that includes stops along the way in many well known haciendas for overnight stays. This tour can take between two and five days; time that will take you to travel from one extreme at the coast to the highlands on the other end, or viceversa.

It is still possible to enjoy a shorter ride, especially in the well known Devil's Nose switchback or zig-zag, if you are travelling also north-south or the other way arround.

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