Monday, July 29, 2013

Cycling near Quito: El Chaquiñan at the Tumbaco Valley

Ecuador is a multi-sport land. You can practice most of the extreme sports that are practiced all over the world, in different environments, and in places located whithin a few hours from Quito. In the heart of the Tumbaco valley that is the eastern extension of the city, you find “El Chaquiñan”, a wonderful biking route, established a couple years ago as a longitudinal park where you can walk, run, and bike on a relatively flat route. This path follows the old railroad track that went from southern Quito towards Ibarra, the capital city of the Imbabura province. Every section of this route has a lot of charm, especially the crossing of the Chiche River Canyon. Here you can easily bike between 10 - 80 km in a single day. This is, indeed, a great place where to start biking in the Ecuadorian Andes.

Another beautiful mountain biking route is the one located between the Rumicucho Inca Ruins by the equator line, north of Quito, and San José de Minas, a village located only 21 km , in an straight line, away from that archeological site. This is the old path followed by sugar cane schnapps smugglers, to connect that town with the main city. At the present time, this route is near the quarries from which are extracted most of the gravel, stone, and sand used in the contructions in Quito From here you get a great view of the the Guayllabamba River Canyon and the interandean valley.

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