Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Condor: Majestic bird from the Andes

What a lucky gorup of travellers that we were, as we saw flyng above our heads this incredible bird, the biggest of South America. In Ecuador, saddly, statistics say that there are less than 50 individuals in our whole Andes, due to the absurd killings of this scavenger, the impact of humans on nature and other factors that are beeing analyzed by scientists.

A great opportunity to see them in action will be to go to the Antisana Faunistic Reserve, and get a good view of any of the condors that duell in this protected area. They feed in death cattle or horses, and anything that the nature has killed for them. Don't confuse this majestic bird with a common vulture or a cara cara, often seen in the same highland habitats.

Other place where they can be seen is the Condor Park near Otavalo. Condors, together with other endangered birds of prey, are well kept here and display a show for the visitors (birds of pray, not Condors), that is suitable for kids of all ages and adults.

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Common vulture above.

Cara Cara below.

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