Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quito: Capital City of Ecuador and UNESCO's World Heritage Site

Quito is a great city to live in. Perfect weather with no extremes like in the northern or southern hemispheres, accessibility by public transportation to any place within the city, to the neighboring valleys, and also to any other provinces; the cost of living is reasonable in comparison with other South American countries, the USA and Western Europe. An important feature is the welcoming and friendly smile of the QuiteƱos. All this makes it possible for our city to be one of the top destinations worldwide for retirement.

Quito has had many periods of development, starting with pre-Inca cultures, the Inca Empire and of course, the Spanish culture which defined the city as we see it now. Spain's religion, culture and language are currently evident and they are still shaping the life of many Ecuadorians.

As can be expected, the city has some problems, nothing is perfect. Traffic can be very annoying and slow moving, petty thefts are still happening and pickpocket’s still make their way, especially where there are crowds of people, in spite of police control and tourists guardians. Nevertheless, I still would not change it for anything in the world! It is my city, I have grown up in it and I am familiar with many of its corners.

Quito's population increases every year with the influx of in-land migrants and people coming from other neighboring countries. The dollarization of our currency, implemented more than a decade ago, has helped to place Quito in the spot for anybody looking to make his dreams come true, and use the life here as a springboard to journey towards destinations further north, like Mexico, the USA and Canada.

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