Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ecuador's Cloud Forest: Extreme biodiversity packed in a small area

The Ecuadorian cloud forest is located at the eastern slopes of the eastern mountain range towards the Amazon Basin, and on the western slopes of the western mountain range towards the Pacific Ocean. It is unique due to the altitude, humidity, geography, and all these factors combined together create a perfect environment for life to thrive: plants, birds, mammals, insects, unique species found only in this area.

Hummingbirds are endemic to different altitudes of this incredible forest, each one being specialized on a specific species of plant in order to survive. This is a place that you must see and walk through, at least once in your life.

Its location in relation with Quito is perfect, since you have to drive only for about one hour to be already inmersed in this ecosystem. There are many options for accommodation in the area, and we can certainly find something suitable that copes with your expectations and needs.

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